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How would you like to cut your modem and monthly internet subscription costs by more than 40 percent per year? Give us a few minutes of your time and we’ll show you how. We’ll review every facet of your current system and analyse its strengths and weaknesses. UPSTREAM NETWORKS Limited, is a facilities-based telecommunication services provider, and holds an exclusive wireless spectrum license from the Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) in the exclusively licensed and an active member of the NCC State Accelerated Broadband Initiative, allowing it to operate an end-to-end reliable wireless connectivity services. Our firm’s expertise on wireless solutions, as Turnkey Network Management deployments and implementations; likewise business solutions. We are seeking to offer a request for proposal (RFP) for your establishment in-line with your network management needs or ICT requirements. We at UPSTREAM NETWORKS are all over the places you visit every day, such as Shopping Centre, Hotels, Business centre, Housing Estate, and offices. We’re constantly growing the number of hotspots available to you, to make sure you have WiFi whenever you need it.

Super Fast Internet, Highly Reliable, Flexible Plan, Competitive Pricing.
We provide optimal browsing experience for everyone, across all devices - computers, tablets, mobile phones and whatever.

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UPSTREAM NETWORKS Limited, is a facilities-based telecommunication services provider. We make wireless Internet as easy as 1–2–3 to install and maintain. We currently serve a wide range of business sectors including hotels, cafés, airports, hospitals and libraries, which means we can service YOUR business.

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Address: 28, Randle Road, Apapa, Lagos.
Telephone: +234-909-532-3559
Others: +234-805-547-9457
E-mail: info@upstreamnetworks.com.ng