Hotel Cloud Solutions

At UPSTREAM NETWORKS, we realised that virtually every type of traveller wants to stay connected while they are away from home. Hotel guests want to check their e-mail, use the internet for social network and to book ticket to their destinations. Hotel guests with laptops, mobile phones, and PDAs; seek out hotels with Cloud solutions. The demand for hotel with Cloud access are growing daily, and hotels that be acquainted with and support this demand by investing in hotel Cloud solutions are reaping the benefits! UPSTREAM NETWORKS’s flexible access rate plan can also help you to decide whether to charge guests for Cloud access, and if so, how much to charge. So in addition to attracting and maintaining customers, hotel Cloud solutions can also help your establishment increase your bottom line directly.

Office and Retail shop

Whether you’re Offices, clothes store, Restaurant or a business centre – Wi-Fi can bring customers to your door. With social media sharing and ‘likes’ one of the most powerful ways to drive sales – in-store Wi-Fi is helping to keep the high street tills ringing. A highly effective way to capture the attention and loyalty of shoppers, drive referrals and integrate high street and online sales with ease, Wi-Fi cloud solutions valuable customer insights that are normally reserved for online operations. That’s why UPSTREAM NETWORKS Cloud is so widespread. UPSTREAM NETWORKS are delivering a fast reliable connection and simple ‘Click and play’ set-up, UPSTREAM NETWORKS Cloud solutions allow you turns one customer into many more.

Housing Estate WiFi cloud

The new housing estate being build, the developer are asking themselves question what are new thing, home market has changed dramatically over the past decade. Many housing estates are now creating coziness surrounding for their resident, these are the fundamental for new resident moving into new location, to name few want and need of a family. Statistics also show that communications and internet connectivity are rapidly becoming just as important in one life style as TV and mobile telephones. UPSTREAM NETWORKS housing cloud can provide you with a full wireless connectivity solution for your residential housing. We can offer a solution that includes supply, installation, training and ongoing maintenance in a way that not only keeps your costs restraint, but also enhances your revenue. UPSTREAM NETWORKS many year experience can help to define a tariff, help with marketing and show you how having a housing estate with wireless internet connectivity can really help to increase revenue and satisfy your resident.

Event Cloud

From a simple conference, to a large festival, people need to stay in touch, via email, telephone and social media. Deploying WiFi at your event can range from a simple access point capable of dealing with 10-20 users, right up to large scale, repeating meshing networks capable of dealing with hundreds or even thousands of users. Your average access point will not handle these tasks, but luckily for you, we will. From initial meeting, we assess the requirements and draw up a detailed solution to ensure correct and reliabe coverage, be it for delegate email, or internal telephone communication, or both. We’ll handle the broadband provision, line services, coverage for you, and provide full support and monitoring services during your event. Adding WiFi to your event can be a lucrative revenue stream, as bandwidth can be sold – adhoc users purchasing time online , staff being granted full access without the need to pay.

So here's how it works

Never have people been better equipped to communicate – armed with an array of Wi-Fi enabled devices such as smart phones, tablets and laptops. UPSTREAM NETWORKS provides a scalable, end to end solution this is operated to the highest SLAs as well as meeting the garowing challenge of legal compliance. For your guests, it’s as simple as turning on thier device & connecting. Our cloud linked access controllers mange your guests experience step by step, connecting them to a free or premium service – you decide The unique UPSTREAM NETWORKS Hotspot as a service offers your guests reliable high speed Internet. that is convenient, controlled and secure. While you benifit from the ability to connect directly to your guests, extend your brand & enhance business intelligence and analytics.

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UPSTREAM NETWORKS Limited, is a facilities-based telecommunication services provider. We make wireless Internet as easy as 1–2–3 to install and maintain. We currently serve a wide range of business sectors including hotels, cafés, airports, hospitals and libraries, which means we can service YOUR business.

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